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I'd like to start by saying that it's refreshing to see how you interact with the reaper users via the reaper forums. The whole vibe of the community seems great. The "bigger" guys in the audio software game could sure learn a lesson from this. I understand a lot of it is big company politics on their end, but take a place like for example, that place can get pretty vile at times. As a long time Cubase user it would be so nice to have this type of interaction with the berg. Anyway, on to the questions.

Questions -

1. Any hints as to what v2.0 will bring us?

2. Besides yourself how many people are working on Reaper?

3. When you finally tackle the GUI of Reaper will you continue to have it so the end user can modify and create their own look / skins?

v2 will get a lot of stuff that people have been requesting-- better multichannel file support, more controls for things like FX and sends on the mixer, and more..

The main thing is we're going to develop 2.x like we are doing with 1.x.. I.e. probably no huge big jump at 2.0, but continual updates after with new stuff as it gets developed.

REAPER is currently developed by myself and Christophe.

And skins are something that we'll likely do someday, when we dont have so much else to do...