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The chief disadvantages that I can see for 64 bit floating point are increased memory use, increased memory bandwidth use (which also leads to increased CPU use, though less and less on the newer Athlon64 and Core2s), and more chance of denormalization related slowdown.

We chose at the start to use 64 bit throughout, planning on newer faster machines with more memory and memory bandwidth, and so that we wouldn't have to deal with upgrading everything if it became important later.
Hi Justin,

I have never been able to get low CPU consumption while only streaming audio in Reaper (no FX). Compared to Vegas, it is 2-3x the CPU consumption. I have tried all the various options in Reaper and have tried all the suggestions from the forum to no avail. After what you mentioned here, it struck me that my problem could be related to having older 32 bit processors (Athlon XP 2400+) and a relatively low amount of older style memory (768M PC133). Do you think that this the problem?

I understand your reasons for going with 64 makes a lot of sense. I will of course eventually upgrade my system. But for me now, 40-50 streaming tracks and a few plugins is all I need, as I use outboard FX too. I'd love to start using Reaper on some larger mixes, but it's not possible now. Would more memory help my current system or is it futile?


PS: sorry to bring my personal technical issues into this thread, but I felt it was related to the topic and may be of use to others with older systems.