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hello neil,
i bought a new car radio recently and it came with an aux input.
i was against the ipod for awhile, as they don't sound good to me and i don't really listen to music with headphones anymore. but i couldn't resist using that damn aux input staring at me all the time! it was like, "i HAVE to use that input!" i got the 30GB ipod and i keep the files in aif. i'm suprised how many songs fit even as aif files. anyway...

If you're using a Pioneer Deck you can buy an iPod adapter box that'll connect the iPod to your car stereo via it's digital/power supply output like you would you're computer. Some of the newer Pioneers decks have the adapter built in, you can connect using a proprietary cable made by pioneer (which is cheaper than the converter!). This is so you're not using the 1/8 inch converter (which I agree sounds like ass).... you'll then be using the converters of your car stereo.

That's what I do... it's saved me hundreds in blank CD-R's for referencing mixes.

Hope that helps...

here's an a link for that adapter: