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Hi Russ,
I am big fan of your work, but I hadn't realized that you'd worked with Vikter Duplaix. He has a really smooth voice, and I particularly like the programming and synth sounds on his records. Would you care to tell us what it was like working with him? He seems like a bit of an unusual character. Also, did you have any involvement in his latest album, and if not, have you heard it?
Finally, have you heard the Bugz In The Attic remix of Looking For Love? That track sounds awesome in clubs. Best Wishes, Ben.
hello again ben,

wow, that's cool that you know vikter's music. yeah his music's got a good blend of electronic and organic. i had a good time mixing his album (i only worked on his 1st one). james poyser was definitely a big influence on that one. he's got all the cool keyboards anyone could want. i don't have much to offer as far as anything insightful for you though, sorry. i was only part of the mix. vikter's really cool to work with and very laid back. he knows what he wants as far as the song goes but likes experimenting with sounds and textures. i didnt even know about the latest record...i'm gonna ask him why he didn't call me for that heh.

i haven't heard the remix of looking for love.

all the best