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Can't wait!!! When's the ETA for the ditherbox you mentioned?
Ditherbox is a for-pay plugin. It still exists as an AU. I've said before, those for-pay plugins are a funding goal on the Patreon, so I gotta get to $800 a month first and then start working through them.

If I did all the dithers and Silhouette, everything in Ditherbox would be available in VST in a sense. It's a convenience thing, gives you built-in 16 bit output.

DitherTo16 is already VinylDither. DitherTo24 is already SpatializeDither. Mind you, you'll be getting Naturalize in 24 bit, and that one is a flat out killer. Previously available only in Ditherbox so don't say I don't give you nothin'

I've also done a PaulDither. In the conversation with Kazrog, someone quoted Paul Frindle on how he likes to do a one-pole highpassed TPDF dither. I didn't do one the way he explained it, but it's quite simple and I did a one-pole highpassed TPDF dither named PaulDither, and it's very nice.

It is my little specialty, though, so I am looking forward to getting my stuff out there. I have a nice variety of wordlength reducers, each with their own strong points, all of them as good as anybody else's, even Paul's very good ideas. Nobody out-dithers me