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Exactly Alex- we ship them every week, they are selling well. But its an older customer - typically one who has owned several pairs of other speakers prior to their 20ASL purchase. The 20 seems to solve the "small with resolution" quest.
Very very true. My ATC 20's are a permanent fixture in my mix room. Their smooth presentation and detail are addicting. I admit I'm probably among the younger side of ATC owners, but thats more due to my having started young and being around high end monitors a lot. Most people I've talked to that have them have 10-20 years on me. But I've yet to talk to someone who doesnt love them after having worked on them.

It's funny that when you first swap to the ATC's in an A/B comparison with many different monitors, they sound kinda blah and dull. But the longer you listen, its not that they are dull, but that they are not faking detail by being bright. It's just a very detailed and smooth presentation that is as non-fatiguing as it gets.

Excellent monitors that are stunning when the mix is perfect. Brutal when its not.