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Originally Posted by Justin Frankel View Post
The dual quad results in a nearly twice the available horsepower for FX
How about I/O's use efficiencies ?

Originally Posted by Justin Frankel View Post
As far as lower latencies go, 128-256 samples have no problem using most of the 8 cores.. however using 512 sample blocks is definitely more stable, though this may be more of a function of the audio interface..
From what you are saying, as far as plugin's are concerned, a dual quad is almost twice as capable as a single quad. To the lay person that would seem to make sense. So in other words and hypothetically speaking, if you maxed out your single quad system on 100 Rea-verb plugins - a dual quad system might max at something like 180 Rea-Verb plugins - Correct ?

What happens to these efficiencies when the latencies fall below 128 samples ?