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Yeah I suspect you could be right. But how is it even possible when the power to the lunchbox is switched off?

Mind you - I used to have problems with the OSA's phantom power, which resulted in one of my mics (a phantom powered Gefell UM900) giving off a weird hiss. So I had a tech I trust fix the OSA's power supply, and my phantom power-level problems went away.

BUT given that the phantom section of the power supply was a) troubled to begin with, and then b) modified, maybe theres' still something screwy going on.

I just watched the pre closely and it seems like it does the 'phantom flash' almost once every minute. It's as if a certain amount of charge builds up until the light flashes, and then it resets and starts again...

I'm just curious how such a thing is possible while turned off. Maybe I should disconnect the power plug from the wall and see if it continues to happen.
Unplug it completely...then see...