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Originally Posted by nosebleedaudio View Post
Is this right after power down? Say a couple of seconds?
One thing is, the Lunch box does not have a bleeder on the Phantom, something I add to the Mods I perform..
Nope. The whole thing's been powered off for hours, and I'll just be sitting there working when I notice it out of the corner of my eye. Just every now and again, the 512's phantom light comes on and then fades away again.

The whole lunchbox (an OSA 8-Space) is plugged into a power bar that's turned off. So my theory is that maybe some how a small charge comes from the mic down the cable to the pre? Could it be a prob with the KM84? But that doesn't make sense since the mic gets its power FROM the pre, so... yeah. Just doesn't make any sense!