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yeah i read that post some time ago and (chuckling) to myself and i thought it was very good. it think he posted that years ago, no? well, not that it matters anyway 'cause all the songs are still the same. yeah, it's defintiely going to make (some) people's heads turn sideways first

i would include 2 more on the list of required albums:
(hendrix) band of gypsys, (beatles) white album
he liked the frank zappa i turned him onto, but i think he's lost the discs...


thanks again Russell, for taking the time to answer us (fans) questions.

yes, ?uest made that post i believe back in 04' to be exact. both (hendrix's) band of gypsys and (beatles') white album are two of my all time favorite albums and are classics. it's good to hear that these two albums are among the required as well. and even some of frank zappa's material too?! i can't wait to hear this album!

thanks again for taking the time to answer some of my questions.