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The Shure 57 over the 58 for vocals?

Nice thx for this...and good point about how both dynamic and condensers can both work well for vocals, but would have like to have seen fewer which aren't barely/technically under $300 (ie the $299.99 types).
depends on where you buy it from. ebay sells legi sm57 with clip for 72 bucks. re320 sells new on ebay for 199 but sometimes theres sales from big retailers selling it at 199 etc. the at4040 i usually buy for 250 from pitbull audio on ebay for example. you just gotta ask them. the middle man overcharge price for 300 dollar mics is almost 150 dollars. blue bluebird you can easily get for sub 200 as well. i would never buy any of these mics i jsut listed for 300. thats insane.