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Fair enough, though to do this, the participating apps would have to be programmed to use JACK, right? Which none (on windows) are, yet...
right, since neither ASIO, WDM, the new Vista audio stuff or even CoreAudio really include any API that one can piggy-back on, the transport stuff requires JACK specific code. Stephane has had plans on OS X to translate JACK transport sync into MIDI (either MMC/MTC and/or MIDI SPP), so as to avoid this requirement, but AFAIK, this has not happened yet.

the MIDI stuff .. theoretically one could bridge into the existing MIDI API on a given platform, but that gets rid of the sample accurate property, which is part of the whole point of JACK MIDI - super-lightweight, super-accurate inter-application MIDI routing, with no timing issues to deal with.

and of course, there *is* a windows port of Ardour, we're just not comfortable letting it out of the door yet