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Hi Russ,
Big fan of your work.... Can you give us an ex. of a song that has the drums pushed to be full on dirty like that.. and how you might of achived that.. (outboard comps./guitar pedals, or plugs etc..?). Thanks, Rich
hello rich,

thanks man heh and sorry for the wait...
i don't really remember an exact incident. i can't emphasize enough how many different ways i've processed his drums and other tracks.
i remember the song "boom" on "tipping point", took quite a bit of tweaking before ahmir was satisfied with the drum sound. actually, i'd say that 75% of the session was spent on the drums to get just the right sound and texture for that one. i can't remember exact details of what we ended up using for the final sound. i would say i probably tried 3 or 4 different things for that. i might have used a compressor for the whole kit and then into another compressor. and then the kick and snare, on top of the processing i just described, i might have tried to go throguh a guitar amp and then through another compressor and mixed it in with the rest of the kit. it's really hard for me remember exact information but these are things that i might try to go for a really unique or old or dirty or whatever you want to call it, sound. with ahmir, more than anyone else i've worked with, i just go into overdrive mode, turbo, maximum creativity...!

if you listen to "star" on the 'tipping point', in the outro section where the tempo changes and it gets really trippy. then the drums and the whole track starts to "morph" (that's how ahmir describes it, "make it morph") and gets really distorted and indistinguishable. and then right into "pointro" the monologue. i listen to that and think wow, that sounds cool, how did i do that? i can hear that there's filtering, and reverb and i know i did that manually, but the details escapes me. like i've said, i'm in the zone and idea's are flying and i'm trying this and scrapping that and suddenly...the sound is there. (no plug-ins used)

the roots are working on another album already. i tracked some drums with ahmir a couple of weeks ago...

all the best