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Old 7th November 2016
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As others have said, looking for the right control surface... but without pres/conversion.

I feel like there is a market of people out there who already invested in high-quality AD/DA and pres - but haven't bothered getting a control surface yet as they've been waiting on the right level of quality and for the technology to improve, and the right integration/features.... waiting... and waiting... for 5 years or more. Too many all in-one packages, and a lot of cats don't like all in one packages, because if one thing in it breaks... the whole unit has to go in for repair. In Canada, a lot of the time (if you're on the westcoast) that means shipping things out to the East side of Canada waiting a month or more.

Still looks like a really great product for some though, whole market of people coming into audio who want high-quality and an all-in-one box like this is a great starting point.