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I was just checking out a realtime jamming utility and there was a little proviso something like, "At the current time, due to network latency issues, only musicans a few miles from each other will be able to jam together in real time..." and I was thinking, "At the current time..."? What, are you guys trying to get the laws of physics repealed?
quantum entanglement?
and they even found out how to transmit information faster than light using this effect? heh heh

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I pinged a few sites in New York (I'm in LA) and the round trip latency was around 100 ms... not exactly a do-able latency...
many universities are connected through the WWW2 network.
this ensures "direct" connections, way smaller delays.
it has been shown, that you can jam in Einstein time (read: relatively in real time heh) across states. but this was only a showcase and the WWW2 network is for universities and scientific use only; to be able to use it, you need some expensive hardware too.

now jamming with musicians across CA without leaving your room is something completly different and should be the (realistic) focus when playing with this technology. but it's a great concept and I will def. try it out (to be honest, I haven't yet managed to try Reaper out, so this might take some time)