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Old 7th November 2016
Lives for gear

For me it came down to Amphion One15, PSI A17, and the ATC SCM20s. I really wanted the active MK2s but they were ridiculously priced here in Canada because of the CAD. My decision not to go with the passive ATCs was because I felt it wouldn't be doing them justice like the active would be. So went with the Amphion One15, Amp100, and Amphion cable.

The total package has been very easy on the ear this past year. The sealed passive radiator allows for very good linearity across different volume levels. While it doesn't throw the biggest soundstage like other bigger full range monitors, it never ever sounds boxy as if the sound is coming from a small cabinet. Even for casual listening, the bass is always there in a tight, punchy accurate way. You can also move around the room and the tonality doesn't change, especially in the horizontal plane.