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Justin, I can never substantiate this harsh vs musical thing and I own and use 4 DAW's, one of which until recently was SAW which always gets accolades for its sound and stability. I have A/B'd all of my DAW's finished products. Mostly trying to hear this difference that I read about, but I never can hear the difference. I believe it is something other than the DAW. Do you have a strong opinion about differences people think they hear?
Well, I'm a big believer in placebo effects, and I know when things are slightly louder they often do sound "better"..

When people are comparing mixes, little things like getting the pan laws the same end up mattering a lot--otherwise one mix may end up significantly louder than another...

At the end of the day, having a reliable method of really comparing quality of mixes between different DAWs/machines is a very difficult problem.