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Big fan of my SCM20 mk2 actives

Had the passive (mk1) version before driven by a Hypex amplifier, and the actives are a big, big improvement. Soundstage, midrange transparency, louder, for some reason tighter bass too.

IMO I actually find them closer to the bigger ATCs than the SCM25s. There's a lightness about the lower mids (in a good way) which gives the soundstage a similar space and dimension that I'm used to on the SCM50, 100 etc.
The top end is also a big step up over the SCM25s. I've done the comparison and the ATC tweeter in the 20 makes the 25 feel a little too sat-back up top. This doesn't mean they're bright, they really aren't, they're just flat and smoooooooth up top. I also prefer the bottom end on the SCM20s over the 25s. Yes, 25s will put out a lot more low end, and you can turn them up without clouding the mids (the 20s will start to get cloudy as the driver excursion increases with bass input at higher volumes); but the SCM20 just has spectacularly tight bass and they do tell you what's going on down low, even if it's not going to rattle your windows.

Of course bass response is so hugely dependant on the room, but I've noticed the SCM20's super-gentle LF rolloff means you rarely find they really clash with a boomy room. On the other hand, they can sound very bass light if your room works against you...

Downsides - they aren't cheap and even with the wooden cabinets, they're incredibly heavy...

Make sure you put them on decent stands...