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I hear this all the time... But if people do their research (as they are supposed to), you will find the cases where you should bend, and you will find the cases where you should not bend.

it's not that they are unable to pay a fair fee... it's just that they don't want to and do not see the value... Next time we talk in person remind me to share some personal stories about this. I probably shouldn't put them up online.

Oh I agree... There are those who use the "my budget is destroyed" excuse all the time. Those are fairly easy to pick out, and I give them no quarter. I've got some fun stories in that vein as well. And no, putting them online would not be good...... The times when I "should" bend are happening, much more often than they ever used to though.

Some (actually, most) of my longest term clients, from back when I first started writing just don't have the budgets they used to. And I still want to work with them, cause they are loyal clients and long term friends and they have done much for me over the years. There is zero doubt that their budgets have changed drastically for the worst - on all fronts - not just music.

The times have changed. If you are blessed enough that it's not hitting where you live, that's awesome!!! But a fairly large percentage of my clients no longer have the budgets they used to. Sign of the times.....