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Old 10th April 2007
Something strange happened to me on the way to the mix bus

So you build your digital mix engine.. and then folks using it get their audio to jump through lots of hoops via plug ins..

Whats the point of a nice audio engine / mixer if plug ins 'mug' the audio along the way..?

My questions are

- Do you see there being good plug ins and bad plug ins?

- Do you think folks will soon be able to see labels for plug ins that say,- 'this is a 64 bit plug in - all the way - from input to output" as a seal of approval? Or something to prove to potential users that audio integrity is as un messed with as possible?

- Say audio is recorded into a DAW system in a very good condition directly from some converters - does the DAW system designer then throw their hands up, walk away and say - "anything that happens from now on - is not my fault"?

- What part can a DAW designer play in helping to preserve sound quality when 3rd party plug ins come into play?