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This thread is really getting interesting!

Some links for background:



Nice to have all these choices and efforts... I certainly see the DAW field as soft (virtually all software fields are soft actually) the sense that people aren't terribly happy with any of the standard offerings. There is tons of complaining about upgrade pricing, debugging, feature sets...complaints are gifts but the DAW makers don't understand customer service terribly well.

There will be plenty of inertia getting people out of their comfort zones as most people want to focus on music and not learning new software. But if they can keep their hardware and plugins/virtual instruments they are also very likely to switch out their DAW. People would rather buy something physical than software and few musicians have cash to burn.

If you guys can come up with effective open standards for plugins, inter-application streaming, and hardware interfacing, then the balls-and-chains tying people to their choice of DAW are flung off and we can all compete on value. Having really easy porting kits for the developers is going to be key: you want to make it dead simple to get from at least VST and ASIO to your new standard...and since x86 has now taken over things should be easier on all of these fronts. You also want to have lots of low-cost contractors available so the various manufacturers can just hire people to do the port. Build a golden bridge to an open future!