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This. ^

I've had a similar reply in a similar thread a while back.

These days the supply is far outweighing the demand.
Yet, while the demand is high and will keep increasing, the supply will do the same, only by 20 fold, and compounded each year.
They will always parallel each other, although the supply will go off on a tangent, eventually inundating the entire marketplace.
This will devalue the art and craft of what we do even more and leave the greedy middlemen with so many options with where to get their music from.
The 20 year old bedroom 'music makers' of tomorrow will want the exposure and will take whatever sync is offered to them.
This will catch on, spread like wildfire, and while agencies and libraries will love the s#it out of getting music for so cheap, it will be the end of the road for many seasoned composers.

We are actually very close to that moment, I'd say we may have already crossed it.

All that said, the bubble can burst so hard it may yield a positive change for the better.
Change is definitely happening, as it always does.

But for me personally, there are no signs of a slowdown.