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Let me share my experience. I am just starting out, so there is a lot of searching libraries, submitting music and all that for me. And it means I don't have the insights of the people posting above, being in the business for years. So take my answers as one particular experience of one particular guy. Probably nothing you can safely generalize, but it's how it has been for me so far.

"I wonder, do all the Major Music Libraries pay up-front-money for tracks?"

No, they don't. Some do apparently, some do not. From my correspondence with one particular library I got the impression that it depends on where you stand as a composer. With new ones they have never worked with they probably won't pay upfront. For established composers they know well they probably will. I guess it depends on the library, on the project, and if you are trying to establish a relationship with them or already have successfully done some projects with them.

Or will they do that only if they ask for a full collection (album-style collection)?

I don't know if full album or single tracks makes any difference on upfronts.

"And; does anyone know the current submission response time, like circa, generally speaking?"

For me they have been between one day and never so far. Generally speaking it can be anything between the two.

I can't comment on the deals with upfronts, as I don't have landed one yet. A fair deal without upfront seems to be you keep the writer's share, they keep the publisher's. 50/50 split on everything else. Though I have been offered considerably worse deals, I didn't take them on, even if I could have really needed the opportunity.