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The production music delivery and production "industry" is at it's most volatile point in the many years I've been involved. If one were to believe that in 5 years things would be "the same" as they were 20 years would be wrong. Put your eggs in a traditional basket and hope for the best??? The long term successful composer better be able to change hats, paradigms, and industry shifts as quick as a chameleon can change colors.

Things are changing daily. There are huge paradigm shifts at work in the tech industries and new era music production worlds, all the while traditional paradigms are struggling to stay current and forward thinking. It all adds up to a big ?????

Among other mundane things like how to write and produce amazing music, we now have to wrestle with and decide how to adapt to :

- The use of Libraries & Licensing vs. Custom composed music for episodic TV.

- Royalty "free" vs. Exclusive libraries.

- Paid for content vs. "free" content for film companies. 10 years ago, this was unheard of. Now it's a solid reality that's not going away.

- Experienced pro's vs. the onslaught of "newbies" (who may not be "new" to music, but are "new" to this side of the biz, cause pundits say it's the only thing that pays anymore....) 10 years ago artists wouldn't touch writing for a library. Now, it's all the rage.

- What was traditionally fair upfront sync buyouts vs the trend of low cost, low end, low expectation up fronts that are being sold to us as being the only "pro" situations. (ie: Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive)

- Big studio's with huge infrastructure vs. laptops in bedrooms.

- Micro vs. PRO - the very real reality of total music dollars shifting from back end PRO royalties payouts to "front end" micro sync royalties.

- "Local" PRO's (country to country, ASCAP, BMI, etc.) vs. the potential of a "global" PRO

- traditional publishing models vs. publishers splitting their publishing with TV production companies for the CHANCE of backend.

- overall traditional philosophies on business (i.e.: this is the way we've done it for 30 years) vs. new skool go getters who are willing to break any and every rule to get their piece of the pie. This is a hotbed of activity right now.

- the possibility of copyright being eradicated via the creative commons vs. traditional copyright wars (although - thankfully - this seems to be calming down a bit)

- newbie entry level gigs vs. taken over by algorithmic music making software. As if the race to "bottom" could go any lower....

- the continued devaluation of music vs. the traditional elevation of music artistry

- the offshore globalization of music vs "made in the USA for USA" - or EU for EU music. It's a lot easier to compete for livable wages out of Uzbekistan with kracked plugs and libs than it is out of LA or NYC or London -- and talent is worldwide.

And then the real elephant in the room.....
- streaming and it's tenths of a cent payout vs. the dollars or quarters of network and cable. (We know who is going to win here....)

So hey......Happy Thanksgiving folks. I'm still happy to be kickin' it, but the older I get, the more I realize I don't know #@!$%^!!! It's a bumpy ride. Hold on....

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