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Old 10th April 2007
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Wow?! Are you Les Claypool??? Just kidding...

The amount of channels you can get over 100mbps or 1000mbps networks for ReaMote is actually not that bad. In theory you could run 30 32-bit stereo channels on a 100mbps network, though in reality it's a quite bit less, but still it's very useful.

We've been quietly upgrading a lot of ReaMote, so now it detects silence to reduce bandwidth, detects mono signals and encodes them as mono, has options for sending as 64 bit or 32 bit, etc.

ReaMote can also send MIDI to softsynths, etc, too..

Currently ReaMote requires the plug-in the be loaded on the local system, so that you can use its UI (then the parameter/config changes are sent to the reamote system).. this has three drawbacks: 1) the plug-in must be on the local system as well as the remote, 2) the plug-in must be loaded on the local system, presumably using RAM, and 3) you don't get to see any meters on the plug-ins.

We're planning a mode to not require these limitations...

I haven't used FX teleport, but I understand it has plenty of limitations of its own (having to configure the plug-in on the other machine, for one)