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its a very valid point, and one we struggle with almost daily in regards to VST over here at the Ardour project.

But I'd like to point out there are no technical reasons to support Rewire, really. Although its not truly finished in the sense of being an easily installable piece of user-oriented software, Stephane Letz' port of Jackdmp to windows works *better* than Rewire in almost every way and has the huge benefit that apps do not have to be written to know anything about JACK in order to use it (unlike Rewire, which requires (a) a license (b) code support within each participating app). You could also choose to use the JACK API as an alternative to using ASIO directly, which costs nothing in latency other than a few extra cycles consumed every interrupt. I still have to eat a hat at some point because I told Stephane I didn't believe that he could get it to work on windows, but he did.

Funny, it looks like he apparently did this after we did ReaRoute, which does the same thing (though only for REAPER).

Seriously, though, ReWire does have some advantages, including sending of MIDI events, and more importantly, transport synchronization.

I know that its highly unlikely you would pursue this path, but I just want to mention that the open source world *is* taking on the task of defining new open standards that can compete with (and do better than) existing proprietart ones, at least in a few areas.

We have enough long battles in front of us