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This is really interesting John! For sure there are really taleneted mastering engineers out there with great ears, but in case a room has a 20db peak let's say at 90Hz and a 15db dip at 50Hz how the engineer compensate to this akward response? How he finds the optimal balance?

They just do it! It's talent coupled with years of experience. I can't do it. But these guys are brilliant.

You see photos of these top engineers and producers working in an all windowed room, or other acoustically crazy places. They are the 'Pros'. They do their job. They have to go all over the country to do it too, so they have developed an algorithm (in their brain/ear system) that allows them to compensate for a terrible room.

This is where good studio design comes in... Good room acoustics allows the engineer/producer to quickly get the job done. That's all basically. The better the room, the faster, easier, and (of course) more enjoyable his/her job will be.

So in the hypothetical scenario with the 20 dB peak @ 90Hz; the engineer 'deals' with it.. or moves to a better room... or fixes it, or builds a new place. I mean, what can you do?