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Old 10th April 2007
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Hi Justin,

The one Reaper feature that interests me, far and away above all others, is Reamote. I have always fantasized about having a network farm for all my VSTis, pooling processor power for huge track counts with (relatively) low latencies. The potential seems great, but how practical in reality is this? Right now you're limited to only a few channels before you've reached the cap on network transfer rates-- and that's only at 44.1 khz. Is there any way around this?

How do you envision Reamote two years from now? How does it compare to FX Teleport (If you have used it)? Will we soon be buying dual-NIC motherboards, gigabit switches and our friends' old computers? Or is this concept always going to be sort of a bottlenecked gimmick?