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...For the most part we build things that we would want to use (and indeed, we use the software we make a LOT, which is essential IMO), but we do remain very open minded to others' needs, and once we understand them and find a way to adapt it into our visions, then we integrate. Often times people ask for one thing, but to make it all coherent we give them something slightly different that ends up working as well.
I would like to emphasize how true this is... I recently decided to give Reaper a whirl. After a few weeks i began to light up the reaper forum, ading my voice to that of others who longed to see a Cubase SX/C4 like track lanes feature set. Justin complied, and while it is different that how I had imagined it would be, i like it. No, i love it and find the Steiny implementation cumbersome!

I am in it now, for the long haul.
cheers, and thanks