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top artists/songs/albums...whew

hello again,
what do you hold as top 5 or top 10 records or artists or songs?
or what do like as your reference cd's besides your own?
this is a tough question man. i've got so many influences. the easiest for me would be to do top artists. could i edit the list on a daily basis ?
  1. hendrix
  2. beatles
  3. prince
  4. james brown
  5. bob marley
  6. frank zappa
  7. pink floyd
  8. parliament/funkadelic
  9. miles davis
  10. stevie wonder
  11. sly stone (and the family)
sorry i cheated...this is really hard because there's so many other big influences to mention.

my main references these days are albums i've worked on for obvious reasons. and luckily, i'm a big fan of (myself ....just kiddingheh) the albums i've done! but i used to reference some of the old classic stuff like the artists mentioned above. but this is a good topic to expand on in the voodoo mixologies thread. we like studied all the old classics like we were in school or something.

all the best