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Old 30th October 2016
Yamaha vss30 casio sk-1 Anything new thats as fun?!!

Hey, So I used to make for fun loads of sample based music using a yamaha vss 30 back in the day and it was so easy to use! I'd get what I wanted to sample or even catch live radio, press the button and there it was to be played back and overdubbed or manipulated as much as it needed to be,immediate usable filters. great sounding lofi loops achieved in seconds!
SO here I am years later looking at producing a some music wanting the same sort of thing, after tons of research I was looking at a yamaha djx, yes they are old school still but thought the size and more recording time ect would give me that slight better edge,flexibilty and sound.
Only to get it and realise its a massive mess about having to use a really dated OS to get the simplest loop. lots of annoying digital menus and no reverse!?!
Apart from going back to what is effectively a toy with the vss, is there anything that can sample reverse ect on a keyboard in seconds that doesn't mean paying silly amounts for these 'vintage' toys . I just saw a vss30 for 140 pounds, get stuffed!

thanks, any help would be great