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Old 29th October 2016
Breverb 2 is a hidden gem.. Honestly in every best reverb thread, I must be the only person that brings it up LOL! And I feel it's because perhaps people are remembering breverb 1 which was average.. Breverb 2 added an enormous tweaking flexibility and 2 stunning new "natural" algorithms, which sadly never seem to get talked about. The killer is, it literally barely registers cpu usage on any i7, I mean like 1 or 2% even at 128 buffers. Absolute programming GENIUS!
I totally agree! Breverb 2 is very very close to the hardware TC4k I own in my studio.
In fact it's hard to tell which reverb is the best because what does matter is the kind of source material (vocals, guitars, percussions,drums etc). So we all look for the perfect association. As a french musician I would say that it's a matter of taste and it's comparable as "finding the right wine with the right meal" !!