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That's the thing with lists - to disagree with them and come up with our own is half the fun!

Having said that, some of my favs also didn't make it, such as the Flux Ircam Verb V3 and Liquid Sonics Reverberate 2 (which I believe was still on v1 when we had the poll). The upcoming Exponential Audio reverb also looks great and we never know what's around the corner, so we're bound to run this again at some point next year.
Wow! I just saw the video on Flux Ircam Verb V3. It has great features to control reverb.

Why oh why did it have to be so pricey? I would hope it would sound as good as the UI looks.

I think I'll wait to see if the price comes down a bit. First time I see an effects plugin cost more than a HW verb pedal.