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Why not open source REAPER?

Hi Justin,

I'm wondering why you're keeping REAPER closed-source, while pricing it at an almost certainly unprofitable cost and stating that you are doing this "philanthropically."

Common reasons for staying closed source:

1) I don't want people seeing this cwappy code I'm hurling!
2) Things will go much faster if I don't feel I need to make my code readable by others, and I don't have to answer questions about it from random people of random skill levels.
3) It would be nice to have beer money from this.
4) Revenue is the most honest form of acclaim and measuring sales will give the team a tangible goal to work towards.
5) I have delusions that someone will try to fork this and steal my thunder/run away with the show.
6) No benefit to it...we're not going to get anyone helping, really, who wouldn't prefer working for a paycheck instead.
7) It's more fun to keep secrets and unleash things on the world Steve Jobs-style.
8) Nice to keep options available if this develops into $omething down the road...

Anyway just curious what you're thinking, being myself a programmer who's gone both ways on the issue.