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hi russell first id like to complement you on your work and also the way you respond to the questions asked here. they are all done with a high degree of class and the answers seems to address the questions very directly and with sense that your having a face to face conversation, which is a beautiful thing.
im wondering, whats in heavy rotation in your ipod or changer,or whatever you use ?
what do you hold as top 5 or top 10 records or artists or songs?
or what do like as your reference cd's besides your own?
thank you in advance, and keep doing what you do. neil.
hello neil,

thanks very much for the comps heh!
in my cd player in my car i've got hendrix "jimi plays berkely".
and, right now as i'm writing, i'm listening to Galt MacDermot's LP "woman is sweeter" on my computer. believe it or not, i just bought my 1st ipod a couple of weeks ago. (i confess to playing a lot of ms. pac man on it ).

i bought a new car radio recently and it came with an aux input.
i was against the ipod for awhile, as they don't sound good to me and i don't really listen to music with headphones anymore. but i couldn't resist using that damn aux input staring at me all the time! it was like, "i HAVE to use that input!" i got the 30GB ipod and i keep the files in aif. i'm suprised how many songs fit even as aif files. anyway...

i don't really have things in constant rotation. i listen to different things all the time. so this is what i've listened to in the last 2 weeks: some in it's entirety, some not and no particular order...

*the roots "phrenology", "game theory"
*"voodoo" (being here on gearslutz made me listen to's been some time)
*funkadelic "hardcore jollies" and "standing on the verge of getting it on"
*donald byrd "ethiopian knights"
*the mars volta "deloused in the crematorium"
*tv on the radio "Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes"
*EPMD "strictly business"
*de la soul "de la soul is dead"
*red hot and riot (fela tribute w/various artists)
*amy winehouse "back to black"
*beck "odelay"
*the meters "uptown rulers" live

i'll have to think about my top 10...and refs