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Old 9th April 2007
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Hey Justin,

I have recently started playing around with Reaper and have found to be a great application especially considering the price point (it's good nontheless)

You touched upon your goals for Reaper in your first reply (i.e. giving users the best product possible) but could you expand upon this a little more.

How do you envision Reapers place in the market in 1 yr, 2 yrs , 5 yrs etc......

I think that at the pro, semi-pro user level there are many people who are leary of making Reaper their primary app because they are unsure you are in it for 'the long haul'. The image that has been portrayed of you on the boards (right or wrong) is that you are a guy who got a big buyout a few years ago and is developing Reaper for the love it.

From a practical standpoint I assume that some are asking themselves the question - "do I feel more comfortable dealing with a company who's bread and butter is based on developing an application to meet my needs" OR someone who is doing it for the joy of it

What happens to Reaper when it ceases to be a joy ?

Are the images being portrayed of you right or wrong ?

If you could exapnd on your plans and goals for the application I think it would be helpful for a lot of would be users.

Thanks for doing this and thanks for making Reaper so accessible to new users