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Old 25th October 2016
Here for the gear

Absolutely , I find it hard to believe that my Id14 that cost 189 pounds has the same quality of a console that costs many thousands , ,ot is all just marketing hype , however as you rightly said , for the price point I don't think there is much competion , , I had a scarlet 2i4 , I didn't like it that much , I know many people love them but for me I found the pre amps to be a little dark sounding . .I might be wrong but that's how it sounded to me..
the Id14 pres sound more open and clear to me , and I did actually have a id22 before the Id14 , but it developed a nasty crackle on input one when turning the gain up or down , and as I wasn't using all the features on the Id22 I went for the Id14 , I can say that from memory I don't think there was a difference in the sound and if there was it wasn't anything that was noticeable ...but I didn't have the id22 that long , only a couple of weeks