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The story is pretty famous by now how you were able to single-handedly get the UAD plugins to work when you got pretty much zero help from Universal Audio.
For a long time we didn't get any contact from UAD. One of our users was nice enough to lend me his card, and I played with it trying to sort out why it had so many issues with REAPER.. Around the same time I actually got a friend of mine who was also friends with some UAD people to do an email introduction, which eventually lead to a reply from UAD, which essentially said that it seemed I was doing everything right, but that the UAD driver only works properly when using multiple plug-ins if those plug-ins are always called in the same order.

This led us to make the "UAD synchronous mode" which calls the UAD plug-ins as they wish, but also prevents you from fully utilizing multiple processors (since if you run on multiple processors often the order of calling plug-ins changes etc as things are load balanced). This is an issue that I am nearly certain UAD could fix in their driver, though they might disagree with that.


And the ability to use my hardware controllers such as the Mackie's is just as essential.

So my question:

Is it hard for you as a small independent developer to get cooperation from the 3rd party developers? Are they starting to see you as a viable entity?
It depends--some other developers/hardware manufacturers have been great to us: Frontier got us some of the first TranzPort and AlphaTracks to add support, iZ has been giving us RADAR information so we added session loading (and soon we'll be doing session saving as well). PreSonus lent us some hardware as well.

On the other hand, we originally emailed Mackie about supporting the MCU--the reply we got was "We only license the MCU SDK under NDA to certain DAW developers" (yow that was a lot of abbreviations).

Those are the extremes... stuff happens in the middle, too. Propellerhead licensed us the ReWire SDK, eventually (after months of waiting). That might have been an administrative error, but at any rate it was troubling at the time...


This is obviously critical since those of us that have been doing this for a while have a huge collection of plugins, and hardware devices (UAD-1, Powercore, Duendo, Mackie Control, etc.). Your included plugins seem to get good reviews, but we all want to continue to work in the way we are accustomed, and want to make sure that our investments are preserved.
We are very sensitive to this, too! Ideally we'd like to support everything that is useful to our users! The tough part is getting the specifications and hardware/software to test our implementations.

I personally want to wish you the absolute BEST in getting Reaper up there with the big boys. We are all watching you very closely!

Thanks for taking the time to respond.