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In NINJAM, the clock rates of everybody jamming are synchronized (initially by a metronome, but once things get going, the drummer usually ends up being enough to follow as long as his or its tempo is constant).

NINJAM relies on the fact that for many styles of music, once people are playing at the same rate, it doesn't really matter if you're playing with the current measure or the last measure (A measure may be a musical measure, or some multiple of one). So if Alice and Bob are NINJAMming together, and Alice is playing her "measure 5", Bob might be playing his "measure 5" along with Alice's "measure 4", and vice versa...

We call this "faketime", since it feels a lot like realtime, but it isn't dependent on any network/audio device/audio codec latencies.

The main downside is that it is very tough to play arranged songs, because every person hears a slightly different arrangement (Bob plays his measure 5 with Alice's measure 4, whereas Alice hears Bob's measure 5 when she's playing her measure 6, etc), so synchronizing changes isn't really realistic.

But it's good for jamming and experimenting...