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Hello jay!!!
wow, nice to hear from you again and thanks ! that was actually an original rack of telefunken v676a's you sold me. that was one of the best deals i ever got as well as one of the first real "pro" pieces i ever bought and of course i still use them to this day heh. i've gotten more modules since then as they're one of my favorite types of pre's so i would never part with that rack.

i believe the last time we spoke, you had a song you wrote that was getting some interest, no? anyway, i called you about a piece on your site and you mentioned something like this. well i hope you're doing great! stay in touch...

all the best
Yo Russ, yeah man, its been a while. Glad those Telefunkens worked out great for ya. They do rock!!! Yep, Songwise, Ive gotten 8 of my tunes cut here in Nashville so far, Life is good. Dude stay in touch, and keep kicking ass out there.