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Since Jules brought it up

Kiss your friends, family, and job goodbye

The free NINJAM client download at will be the end of them all.

The clock goes into warp speed as you blow hour after hour jamming along with others across the world. After a few crossover - techno - bluegrass - shred - blues jams with salsa thrown in, you'll find your beard stubley, your fingernails long and overgrown, the sun and moon swapping spots like ping pong balls, and your creativity thru the roof!

To use:
1. simply download the client
2. set up your audio I/O in preferences
3. plug in your guitar, sax, oboe, theremin, whatever
4. Find a room with people already jamming at

5. Connect to that server and start JAMMING!!!

NINJAM sessions can be recorded for collaboration purposes and mixed later

For a bonus, newer versions of reaper contain a ReaNINJAM plugin. Put this on your master buss, connect to a live room and you can use DX,VST, and JS FX and send your whole reaper mix into NINJAM!

This is handy for me, I just plug into a DI then into a micpre/AD/PC interface. I run amplitube 2 or simulanalog jcm900 as an insert effect in reaper and play right thru a virtual amp