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Old 9th April 2007
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Hey Russel,
good to know you're taking long breaks during mixing. I know it all depends, but how long would you say your average mix took on the Erykah Badu stuff. Are you usually under a strict deadline or its ready when its ready.

that was quite some time ago so i really couldn't tell you exactly how long each mix was. i know that "green eyes" took about 3 to 4 solid days to mix. all the songs i did were tracked and mixed off tape. i'd say the average for each song was 1.5 days. i am usually on a deadline to finish, but you're absolutely right, when it's done it's done. the artist will let me go as long as i want once they hear what i'm doing. deadlines, i try to keep in my subconscious as they can really mess with my creativity. but there's always one or two songs that might take longer than the others. so i'll try and make up some time with some of the simpler songs (if it's possible) and then other times, i simply have to add more time to the project.

my "loose" goal is to go for a song a day. the more creative the mix, the more time it requires (obviously). i really like the challenge of mixing what i call "epic" songs. you know, the 8 minute song with different sections that have different sonics and effects going on. songs like the roots' "water", D's "playa", Nikka's "so have i for you", blackalicious' "release", and erykah's "green eyes" are some good examples.

all the best