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Hello Mr Russell!

Its My right here and i've been reading almost all your thread and the ones that Gearslutz fellas have created asking you question and the only first thing i can say is: THANK YOU so so so much for taking the time to respond because its not everyday that we got the chance in real life to get to exchange with people that inspires our work daily. So for that "Hands down and Thumbs up" for the inspiration. Thank you.

I also because this thread is about Production, i would love to hear from a very respected and known Music Engineer like you, reknown all over and who have worked with so many great and big talent and artist, how does these two Status are seen or treated in the music industry overall.

I mean what is today the REAL meaning of or the difference of:

A) A MUSIC PRODUCER (not an executive producer) and

Because all of time i get to meat Beatmaker that does Great Beats or some just not there yet (but we all know its a matter of practicing to make it perfect) that take themselves or give themselves the Status of "Music producer". And i know that a lot of people have or make their own STATUS. So i would love to hear from "You" who've worked with the BEST out there from BEatmaker and Music producer, HOW do they or would you DEFINE the JOB of Each of them in your own WORDS and POINT OF VIEW?

So finally, what normally is the JOB of the or A Music Producer and the BEatmaker. (And we all know that major of time the Music producer be a lot of things starting from the guy who can do BEATS right?)

I'm really curious and i believe a lot here would be curious to have your Opinion on this. Thank you again for all your time and for sharing with us these great INPUTS.

All the best!