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Old 8th April 2007
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Hi Russ,
Iwan here again. I know Michael Brauer does nothing but mixing these days, but wondered if you also did production work as opposed to exclusively mixing projects.
I know there is some overlap between tracking/engineering and production but am interested to hear your thoughts.
hey iwan,

yes, there is an "overlap" especially if the mixer/engineer is adding that much in the creative process. i'll sometimes ask for a co-production credit for some projects and most people feel it's fair.

i am trying to make my move more into the production side of things. i've been producing keziah jones next record with him (which is going to be great) and also producing an unsigned artist named krystle warren. i will supervise the tracking (obviously) and mix all of the things i produce. it's the natural progression for me and i have a lot of things i want to do to expand on my concepts and move into my next phase. i still want to continue mixing as my passion for it has not been quenched. the difficult part is now finding the artists to produce who will fit my musical personality...someone who knows my style...
anyone looking for an amazing producer ???

for anyone interested check "what's moving you now..." as i'll be talking about keziah and krystle there.