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Hi Russ,
I understand that the new Bilal album, Love for Sale, was due to be released around this time last year, but it was leaked and so the album was shelved. I see that Bilal is included in the upcoming releases section of your discography. Were you involved in the new album, and if so do you have any idea what the record label plans to do with it?
I love what I have heard from the album so far, particularly the track Something To Hold On To. It sounds like the main loop is a sample, if that is the case, do you know where it's from? Would you care to tell as a bit about working with Bilal? Best Wishes, Ben.
hey ben,

i could've sworn i answerd this before so sorry for the wait. i mixed about 3 songs for his "new" album about 3 years ago. i have no idea what happened though. the last time i spoke to him, his label kept telling him to go back in to for more songs as they said "we dont have a single yet". typical label bullsh*t!, huh? so i know he was getting very frustrated because he told me that every song he writes and decides to record and finish is great. he's not making an album with some singles and the rest of it "filler" tracks! i think he told me he wrote more than 30 songs already. he did do 5 nights at the "blue note" here in NY with a jazz band about 2 years ago with special guest every night (common, erykah and Musiq). it was an imporvisational jazz concept and he used wah wahs and other pedals to process his voice. i thought that was amazing. i spoke to him after the show and he told me he was going to try and do an album in that direction. i hope he does it.

bilal is super talented. he loves to be abstract and push the envelope and is very open to creative mixes. and he's an amazing vocalist, sort of like the jazz side of D'angelo mixed with bobby mcferrrin or something. i really hope he's doing well and he gets some sort of album out there. to me he's right up there with D and erykah as one of our generations most important soul artists!