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Don't know if we can get to ten tracks but i'll just post one or two whenever I think of one instead of doing an epic 10 song youtube adventure in 1 go...

First up is one from the earliest drum 'n bass days. It was somewhere in 1996 or 1995, and "drum 'n bass / jungle" was either sped up breakbeats, ragga and hiphop samples and wobbly basslines like the early Bristol stuff or "jump up", OR it was the futuristic beat trickery laced with sci-fi samples that was the Metalheadz/Photek/Reinforced sound... Then i went to see Grooverider play and he started his set with this song, "Grey Odyssey" by Optical. It was so simple, so techy, so synthy, it was almost a different type of music altogether. It was featured on the compilation LP "The Prototype Years" alongside music by (Optical's brother) Matrix, John B, Dillinja, Grooverider himself, Lemon D etc. and it was a revolution in the music to something that was basically techno. Many will argue it was also the beginning of the end, as the music after this became darker, angrier, more niche, and dnb lost lots of its more casual fans, but regardless of what you think of the music, what Optical did in the late 90s was far ahead if its time and it influenced me deeply.