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Hi Russell,

Recently I compiled a list of my favourite albums, and after discovering this forum, realised that you had worked on over half of them. I guess that's the proof right there.

I'd like to ask your take on recording solo acoustic guitar, and how you'd apply your sound and techniques to that process. I particularly like how your recordings seem sound so full, yet so close and intimate, and real (like someone was saying in another post, how it 'feels like the band is actually in the room'). So how would it be possible to get this same vibe from just one acoustic guitar? In other words, how do you fill the spectrum with just one instrument? I believe that recording and mixing solo acoustic guitar would be far different than if you were doing so with a band, and I am also like you in the want for more bass. I presume that you would look for more clear definition, a larger spread between the high and low strings, and still keeping the warm mids, however, I do not know how to achieve such things. Specifically, any suggested mic's, mic placement, pre's, panning (I presume panning would have a big impact on the 'in the room' feel), EQ, effects such as reverb…etc. Also, would a DI from the guitar be of any use…or even combine the 'natural' sound from the mics with the warm natural compression of the DI into a tube guitar amp…? How do you get a big bottom from an acoustic guitar … increase the frequencies below the lowest note to bring up the really low harmonics perhaps? I presume you would record and mix on tape, however would it be much of a disadvantage to record with a program such as protools? And how much play would the room have in the sound?

Thanks in advance for your help, and also for your great work,