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Bob Olhsson had a session at AES which was incredible- it was looking at the story of recording Marvin Gaye's "Whats Going On". It began by listening to the track and led into a wide range of discussions on Motown, recording, society, tech, etc.

For me was truly the highlight of the show. Bob is a great guy and very generous with information. Motown was the source of countless innovations that I had no idea started there. Bob brings a positive and 'no pretense' attitude that is refreshing and inspiring

GearSlutz is blessed to have him as a regular contributor

Thank You Bob!
I had the pleasure of doing a couple sessions as an "artist" with Bob as Engineering Overlord 10 years ago in Nashville. Bob is like Johnny Appleseed with his wisdom and Santa Claus with his gifts. I've carried those couple days for 10 years now and use the knowledge he dispensed or inferred and the attitude he exhibited everyday I walk in my studio. Thanks Bob.

(I also got to sing into the Marvin U67. I tell my kids I swapped spit with Marvin Gaye. )