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Hi Ulisun

Now I have a pair of very good Focal near field monitors, I have stands built into my S6L flight case and a bunch of plugin auths on my ilok. I have a laptop that only does Protools. Its never been connected to the internet!! I have Smaart and and a focusrite sound card on a separate laptop and ten year old Sennheiser HD25 headphones. Pretty low key.
Back in the day I had four 12U racks of analogue FX. 12 of the original DBX 160, some Al Smart and Distressor comps, BSS and Drawmer gates, BSS 901s, a pair of Roland space echoes (and spare tapes) Eventide H3000s, couple of SDE 3000s a PCM 70, Rev5, SPX990s. All kinds of stuff and cable looms for days.

If you're using different manufacturers desks a lot I'd maybe carry a couple of things you know work for you like a couple of channels of good compressors and a great reverb. I only ever work on Avid consoles these days so it makes my life much easier.
Also I think you can never have too much education so I'd invest in training. Time alignment and speaker management or networking. Being an expert at radio frequencies is also a great skill to add to your CV.
I wish you all the best for you in your career.