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The amazing Mark Rubel [Of BBA and Pogo Studio fame] was the moderator with Bob, and I was so sad to miss it [family obligations]. Bob has such a great perspective and wealth of knowledge. This is a part of the very unique AES Raw Tracks series and they are NOT ever filmed.

These are 'Raw Tracks' [the actual multi tracks] and inside stories from the people who were actually there, and we couldn't do these if they ended up on video/the web, as we only have permission to show the tracks on a one time and very limited basis. We ask / beg people not to use their phones to record this, and monitor the audience for this. We wouldn't be able to get the tapes and the producer/engineers to do this if it was recorded or shown all over the web.

Mark hosted the Beach Boys / Pet Sounds with Mark Linnett two years ago [amazing], I hosted Darrel Thorp talking about Becks 'Morning Phase' and Lake Street Dive this year, Jack Douglas / Aerosmith and Lennon and Warren Huart and the Fray last year, and Ken Calliat and Fleetwood Mac / Rumors the year before. Mark has hosted Andrew Scheps / RHCP as well, and this year had George Massenberg and Kenny Moran with EWF !!!!! There have been some really great other portions of this series including inside the Nashville production world, and this year a great vinyl panel [both with Nashville's and Belmont's Jim Kaiser], and a look at the Latin American scene with Andres Mayo, etc.. The Recording and Production track [under which Raw Track falls as does Platinium Production and Mastering] is something I look forward to every year at the AES and is expanding in good ways- [Teri Winston of WAM fame hosted several great panels this year as did Tom Kenney and Glen Lorbecki and others]. Yes you must be present to win!


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